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WW3 Armies REVEALED – Who would win in all out conflict with North Korea?

LATETS NEWS 360 TODAY – WW3 Armies REVEALED – Who would win in all out conflict with North Korea?

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TENSIONS in North Korea could risk dragging Russia, China, Japan, South Korea and the USA into all out conflict – but who has the most powerful military?
North Korean military tests have made tensions in the Pacific skyrocket – with young despot Kim Jong-un testing inter-continental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the US and hydrogen bombs five times more powerful than the last nuclear weapon to have been used in a war zone.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s threats to rain “fire and fury” on the Korean peninsula have stoked the flames of conflict that risk igniting World War 3.

And with Japan and South Korea aligned with the west along with Russian and Chinese interests in Kim Jong-un’s hermit kingdom, conflict in the region risks dragging the world’s superpowers into a furious fire fight.

But who has the most powerful military of them all?

North Korea has the second largest army of any country in the region – with 1.02 million military personnel ready to fight.

The military is believed to make up almost four per cent of the hermit kingdom’s population.

They also have more submarines than countries who could be dragged into a third world war, boasting 73 in total.

But they fall behind in other military hardware, with only 286 helicopters and three warships.

Kim Jong-un also has access to 4,060 tanks, vastly outnumbering the military makeup of his southern neighbours.

He also commands 545 combat jets, significantly fewer than China or the US.

The USA, despite commanding one of the planet’s most effective militaries and spending the most of any potentially involved nation, has just 409,000 active military personnel.

This gives the US military fewer fighters than both North and South Korea despite spending $611.2billion (£459.4 billion) on defence.

However, they also command the most helicopters (5,437) and warships (88) when compared to other states who could be dragged up to fight.

Despite this, they have 2,384 tanks, far fewer than North Korea, as well as fewer submarines (71).

But their 1,442 combat jets could prove a formidable force in all out warfare.

The Chinese army stands at more than three times the size of the USA’s, boasting 1.6 million military personnel with an estimated expenditure of $215.2billion (£161.7billion).

They also have access to the most tanks (7,190) and combat jets (2,306) in the world making them a formidable force.

Meanwhile, their 73 warships and 61 submarines could offer deadly support in the event of a conflict, while their 1,069 helicopters are only bested by the US.

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