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Two billion people in the world are overweight or obese

There are no less than two billion people on the planet who are victims of obesity, and at risk of death due to health-related issues, according to an estimate.

Globally, one out of every three people is obese, increasing health problems for them with every passing day, says Ashkan Afshin, affiliated with International Institute for Health at the University of Washington.

In 2015, it was estimated, four million people around the world became victims to obesity while 40 per cent of this number could not be declared obese due to medical reasons.

The Washington University collected data from 195 countries pertaining to the global rate of obesity, which has evolved into a crisis for many countries.

Watching TV, irregular eating habits lead to obesity in young females

Obesity can be the cause of cholesterol, sugar, high blood pressure, paralysis, cancer and heart diseases, which is why it is a negative trend. According to the report, 2.2 million were victims of obesity in 2015, which includes 10.8 million children.

Alarmingly, the percentage of obese people in 70 countries has doubled since 1980 while the graph keeps escalating.

The report also revealed that many countries have a greater number of obese child population than the elderly. America tops the list of such countries where 13 per cent of the net population is obese.

Egypt lies on the second number where 35 per cent of teenage population is obese. Bangladesh and Vietnam lie lowest on the obesity scale with only one percent of the population being obese.

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