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Trey Gowdy Just Went Off On LIVE TV And Told America How To Put Hillary & Comey Behind Bars

BREAKING NEWS: Trey Gowdy Just Went Off On LIVE TV And Told America How To Put Hillary & Comey Behind Bars
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Wow. I mean holy crap this is huge. Trey Gowdy just went off completely and we cannot stop cheering him on!

After Hillary Clinton got of scot free from her email scandal, with James Comey being the grand architect of her “innocence,” people were absolutely up in arms. Yours truly included. No idea how that even happens.

Regardless of how mad we all were, it happened. But we’ve been looking high and low as to how to may both of them pay for their actions; Clinton for her illegal and anti-American activities and Comey for his inaction and inability to see the truth.

Good news, Trey Gowdy has us covered and just revealed how to may them pay!
“It is dead in the water other than what I said in the past,” the South Carolina Republican continued. “There are multiple groups in our culture that provide oversight. There is the executive branch, there’s Congress, there’s you in the media, but on November 8th, the real jury gets to weigh in, and if they think this Department of Justice has been politicized, they are welcome to replace it with another Department of Justice.”

BOOM! Damn right. Trey Gowdy basically just said vote Trump because he can put Hillary behind bars, along with Comey, where they both belong.

Come November, vote Trump. He’ll finish this once and for all.

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  2. Immunity agreement to cover up the crimes

  3. I heard that the level of corruption is so high, that if Hillary were charged then it would lead directly to the Bushes. The powers that be
    , consider the American people would be too traumatised by the truth, they would be better off not knowing. To me that's an insult to our intelligence . And it will only get worse, and that is not good for the future of Americans. The children will inherit a MESS.

  4. We are lied to over and over. Time to bring the hammer down!! We are freaking tired of it!!!!!! Stop stealing our money

  5. Hillary Clinton is Innacent they hate her for being a woman

  6. President Trump, "Comey, you're FIRED".

  7. I as an American citizen Demand that Hillary Clinton, James comey,and all of the other deceptive, traitors that are in the swamp with that evil woman Pay for her crimes against the United states of American and all of its citizens. And I mean prison time just like us if we broke the law like she did.Im talking about treason here folks WOW.

  8. If Hillary, Comey , Lynch, Huma, Bill don't go to jail for what they have done, then the US is no better than North Korea and their dictator.Think about it. You have the politicians in one group protecting themselves, and then you have the people. If you or I did not pay all our taxes, do jury duty, did not show proof of medical insurance on our tax form we would be fined or eventually jailed. Our government thinks we are stupid, maybe we are. Let NK have this place, they would not get much.

  9. I can watch Trey all day but cannot watch this cackling witch. Should have left her out of the vid. Gave it a dislike for that reason

  10. It's not what you've done, but who you know.

  11. How are these idiots confused? There are two sets of laws in America! One set of laws for the elite class, and another for us mere mortals.
    In Texas an out of state student attending state college must pay more because they are an out of state student. But DACA students are special! They get the rights of an in state citizen. Newsflash, Mexico is out of state!
    Entering the US illegally the second time is a felony. That's the law. Sanctuary cities release felons on bail. They aren't even charged with felony illegal entry. But us mere mortals can't get a misdemeanor traffic ticket ignored.

  12. Mr Trump and company are faced with the same charge. Let's see Mr Gowdy hold to the same standard with the trump people.

  13. Hearing this treasonous bitch laughing at her crimes should tell you everything you need to know about this treasonous snake! There are people in federal prisons right now that only did a fraction of what this witch bitch did !

  14. I have to say thank you for this video if ever there was a clip that makes clear regarding "Crooked Hillary" it has to be this one. Great editing and great content one of the best I've ever had the pleasure to watch!

    And that awful cackle…LMFAO

  15. what is this bullshit..? This is over six months old

  16. There have been so many investigations concerning Crooked Hillary, yet she is still not indicted! There is no justuce in America except for that which you exact yourselves! Unless Hillary and all the other usurpers to our Constitution are prosecuted as traitors, and sentenced for their crimes, our Country is doomed! Mortem Tyrannis – Death to Tyrants, and all NWO globalist scum!

  17. Her laugh is a sick laugh .what is funny .there's nothing funny about any of this… she think if she laughs. It will misdirect her guilt.
    Thats really sick ….put her out of her demon misery

  18. Last year's news. Get current Dumbass.

  19. Eat a cock. This shit is nearly a year old, published 4 days ago, with the title "Trey Gowdy Just Went Off."

    You absolute bullshit artist. Have a downvote.

  20. She is safe as long as she does not give DNC bak to the people. She can't get prosecuted while running the party with the majority-vote. That would mean that the US was a bananarepublic, and the US can't do that. Can't admit their "morally" correct candidate is a criminal. Makes the US look really bad. She needs to go away to make room for prosecution. Safe as long as she owns the party.

  21. Fantastic speech, laying it out plain for the people. As a european, it is so different to follow Gowdy and chaffetz from followin MSM. Its even worse here So sad that we dont get the chaffetz- and gowdy-stuff here at all, and must follow congressional hearings to know the truth. The congressional batman and robin does the job the police(FBI) dont do. My outlook on the US has been turned 180 degrees in one year. The US is our beacon of light, don't put it out folks.

  22. Trey Howdy for President!!!!!!!

  23. Trey they need to be jailed quit wasting our tax dollars killary mills comey shummer jail them all !

  24. Tapper is a douche. Clinton is a dangerous criminal.

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