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The cheapest time to book a flight to your holiday destinations

Did you leave summer vacation planning to the last minute? Worried flight costs may have gone up?  Fret not! If you’re planning to go to the Mediterranean (Ibiza, Majorca or The Algarve), now is the cheapest time to book an August flight.

Analysis by Skyscanner suggests while many consider it best to buy tickets as early as possible, latecomers may have an edge.

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If you’re thinking of going to Ibiza, flights may be cheaper between mid-June and mid-July. If Palma is your destination, you ought to buy between the end of June and the end of July. Late bookers also have an advantage when it comes to Faro (early June to early July), Malaga (early June to early July) and Barcelona (end of May to end of June).

If you’re looking towards a long-haul trip, it’s best to book sooner. If you’re heading to Toronto in the summer, it pays to book in January. For Bangkok it’s February and for New York it’s April. If you’re planning to travel to Amsterdam, you should also book at the start of the year.

Here are some tips to keep in mind to bag the cheapest airfares.

1. Know who flies where

Have comprehensive knowledge of which airlines fly to and from the airports you’re interested in. This will give you a wider range of airlines to book from.

2. Head to the source

Check the airline’s site to get live, up-to-date fares.

3. Compare fares

While, price-comparison websites are the easiest way to find the cheapest fares, they can also be misleading. They do no list fares from every airline operating the route and they don’t quote exact fares due to individual preferences. They also don’t reflect booking fees that might be charged to different credit or debit cards. They’re a useful guide as long as you understand the limitations.

4. Approach agents

While agents normally charge a booking fee, they can be useful in helping you put together packages than include hotels and car rentals.

5. Fly off-peak

Midweek, outside the school holidays and unsociable hours – use filters on booking sites which allow you to search for cheaper fares before and after your ideal date.

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6. Take hand luggage only

Take hand luggage or book flights that don’t charge extra for hold luggage. Also make sure to weigh all luggage before leaving home. Penalty charges for breaching weight limits can be very high.

7. Watch for hidden extras

Some sites try to tempt you into booking insurance (which you may have) or other extras which you may not need.

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