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Liberal Newspaper Just Royally ENRAGED Everyone In America With What They Said About Vegas Victims

BREAKING NEWS: Liberal Newspaper Just Royally ENRAGED Everyone In America With What They Said About Vegas Victims
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There are many ways to cope with a tragedy. Some show their emotion outwardly, some keep it inside and some stick their head in the sand and go straight to denial. When something happens that shatters our lives or our security, we might have any number of responses, and that’s completely normal. What is neither normal nor acceptable is poking fun at the catastrophic loss of life.

One loud and proud liberal publication from Vermont decided that they would publish a crude comic about the Las Vegas massacre, hoping to make a few bucks off of the tragedy. What they got, according to Daily Mail, was an outraged readership who demanded a retraction and apology:

“A small Vermont newspaper has been forced to apologize for publishing a tasteless cartoon depicting the Las Vegas massacre.

The Bennington Banner published the editorial cartoon on Tuesday – just two days after the worst mass shooting in US history – which showed a pile of dead bodies with the caption ‘Whatever happens in Vegas…’

It sparked outrage among readers who branded the image ‘disgusting’ while some even demanded that cartoonist Randall Enos and executive editor Kevin Moran should resign. Others called for a boycott of the local Vermont paper.”
The disgusting amount of disrespect for the lives of their fellow Americans is appalling. There are a lot of situations that can reasonably warrant a little bit of joking, but this is not one of them. No matter what caused the shooting, no matter what you think will prevent it in the future and no matter your political affiliation this is not an event that should be made light of.
“The news outlet’s president, Fredric Rutberg said the ‘decision to publish was made in haste’ and had been ‘insensitive.’

The fury over the cartoon was stoked by the fact that one of the 58 victims killed in the shooting was a local.

Sandy Casey, 35, of nearby Dorset, Vermont, was gunned down and killed when Stephen Craig Paddock, 64, opened fire from his 32nd floor hotel window on a crowd of thousands below who were attending a music festival.

Dozens were killed and more than 500 were injured in the Sunday night bloodbath.”
Apparently, it would have been ok to make fun of the shootings as long as it was in service to more gun control, but since people were offended, it’s not ok. This is what happens when people don’t care about right and wrong, only what they’ll get in trouble for.
“Bennington Banner executive editor Kevin Moran tried to rationalize the ‘offensive’ cartoon, saying it was meant as commentary on gun control, but acknowledged that publishing it in Tuesday’s edition ‘was not the right time or the right place’
As horrifying as this kind of unfeeling content it is, it’s not out of character for a publication of this type. The Bennington Banner is a far left leaning paper who has a history of supporting the liberal agenda and crying wolf whenever a conservative issue happens to win the day.

They were greatly disturbed when President Trump was elected saying that “many in largely liberal-progressive Vermont were stunned and anguished by the election of Donald Trump as president.” Even hypothesizing that the Democrats would have won the Presidency if Bernie Sanders had been on the ticket.

Unfortunately, the focus of this tragedy has been turned away from the awful nature of the violence and toward the possible political affiliations of the victims. This is troubling for many reasons, not the least of which we should be ashamed to be a country that considers someone with differing political views to be worthy of death. But that’s the story that’s circling the disaster that happened on Sunday night.
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  2. Stop paying it boycott them to non of those people deserved what happen to them period your truly sick making money when people are hurt scared and died for what your truly discussing things to do such a truly cruel thing karma will come back on those that are cruel and hateful to others it always does boycott and stop buying this paper Prayers to the families of those hurt God Bless you ALL plus Thank you all for helping those that needed help that horrible night Thank you for being there

  3. How dare you to do this to the victims and their families and you have a cold heart without any feelings for the time of mourning and may the Lord have mercy on your soul

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