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Indian-origin teen dies after being beaten by bullies in Malaysia

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An Indian-origin teenager in Malaysia died on Thursday after being brutally attacked by bullies for being effeminate.

T Nhaveen, 18, suffered severe wounds after being beaten by helmets, burnt on the back, and sodomised by five teens believed to be his former schoolmates, according to Huffington Post.

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The alleged attack took place last Saturday when Nhaveen and his friend, Previin, were buying lunch.  Two youths reportedly known to them started teasing the duo and it soon turned into a brawl with Nhaveen and Previin being bashed with motorcycle helmets. Previin managed to escape with eye injuries but Nhaveen was beaten brutally and he suffered internal bleeding in his head and abdomen, the Strait Times reported. The 18-year-old was admitted in a hospital where he died. His death has been re-classified as murder.

Nhaveen’s mother D Shanti was quoted by The Star newspaper as saying that her son had been bullied by one of the suspects three years ago in school but he kept quiet to avoid more assault.

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Nhaveen’s case drew the attention of many on social media and even of music great AR Rahman. Nhaveen was due to start a music course and aspired to be like Rahman, his family said. Rahman earlier twitted for Nhaveen’s recovery and called for “all acts of savagery end and people come to senses.”

Nhaveen’s death is the second incident in two weeks of death induced by bullying in Malaysia. The Minister of Health has claimed that they need to reassess, and bring an end to “the poisonous culture of school bullies and gangsterism among youth.”

His friends and family have started a petition on Change.org called, “Petition for T.Nhaveen and all Bullied Victims“.  which has gained more than 31,000 supporters. The petition has gained more than 31,000 supporters and will be directly sent to the United Nations and their Human Rights Campaign to take action against bullying.

This article originally appeared on Huffington Post.

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