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10-year-old’s drawing depicting sexual assault helps convict abuser

A trial court in Delhi, India relied on child’s crayon drawings to convict her abuser two years after the crime was committed.

The 10-year-old was given some papers and colours during the court hearing to keep her occupied but when the court saw the drawings depicting her mental state, it decided to attest them as evidence, reported the Times of India.

Drawing by the 10-year-old. PHOTO: TOI

Drawing by the 10-year-old. PHOTO COURTESY: TOI

The young girl came to live with her aunty when her alcoholic father abandoned her after the death of her mother. She was eight when her uncle, Akhter Ahmed, started abusing her. Suffering ill-treatment and sexual abuse at the hands of her guardians, the girl eventually fled and was found in a bus in November 2014.

“If the elements of this drawing are considered in the background of facts and circumstances of this case, then commission of sexual assault upon her by somebody in her house after undressing her, and it leaving an impression upon her mind, becomes evident,” said additional sessions judge Vinod Yadav. “Therefore, I find the child victim to be a competent witness.”

Child sexual abuse

Put under the care of HAQ Centre for Child Rights, the girl went through medical examination that indicated possible sexual assault. After proper care and counselling, she opened up about the ordeal.

Since the sexual abuse was not penetrative, the accused was sentenced to five years of prison and a fine of INR10,000. The court also ordered compensation of INR30,000 for the welfare and rehabilitation of the girl.

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