Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Zara Hut Kay Zarheen Tahira


Zara Hut Kay Zarheen Tahira
ZHK Official
Directed By Nadeem Usmani Metro 1 News
Zara Hat Kay | Zara Hut Kay | ZHK Official

#funny #ZHK #Pranks #Gags #Zara Hut Kay

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  1. Hahahahahahaha Very funny

  2. absolute top class by amir chapati.

  3. itni jaldi bata dia mazaq ka,thora or act kerte

  4. I like Always thnxs I love this show

  5. سلام سر ناجهکاناالله کی بندو کفر هی انسان کی اصلیت کیا گنده پانی سی بناهوا سر صرف الله کوجهکانا مددالله سی مانگنا یاالله مدد باقی کفر یاعلی مدد یاباباولی مددیارسول الله مدد الله اور مخلوق می فرق کرو الله کی علاوباقی جوبهی وو مخلوق هی نماز حیا پرده فرض هی

  6. Kya acting hai yar teri….bhen ch…..

  7. He must be very famous in Pakistan how come this artist no recognized him I love this show

  8. Why would you call her that? have you not got a mother or a grandmother of your own?

  9. YE aunt mujy bhot achi lagti han bhot achi acting karti han bachpan sy dekh rha hon should have given a reward with a best award <3

  10. Chutiye Pakistanion ka chutiya sense of humor!

    Thank god my grand father did not migrate to pak.

  11. Ha ha ha ha ha i lv u ZHK.

  12. Anyways she is really nice lady and respectable…

  13. "tumhe to urdu bi nahi attii" hahahaha!

  14. This old lady seems to be a big bitch

  15. Zarheen Tahira aapki urdu SUBHAN ALLAH !!!

  16. So nice to see her, one of my favorite, the guy did a wonderfull job

  17. Jhoota roh raha hai Ankh main to Anso bi nai Aaye LOL

  18. regardless of badtameezi, disrespectful or whatever you wanna call it the guy is a great performer the way he comes up with counter questions and riles up the opponent…just artistic

  19. Sweet hai yaar …. I am from India and i liked this show. She is such a nice and loving lady and this guy is an awesome actor and he will make a record of being the only one who got slapped by all pakistani celebrities 😀

  20. Zaheen Tahira is really very sophisticated lady…. Her character is really very nice…

  21. Actually ye fuzoool channel koi dekhta hi nahi, es liye en k artists ko bi koi nai pehchanta.. aur ye to purely Batameze Hia Senior Artist ya kisi K b Sath….

  22. koi is ki danday say pitai kare.

  23. Ap k pass hy? Zaida chalta hy I guess

  24. acha show ha per mujj ko samjj nai arahi ha ka yahi aik larka hay aur sab ka sat cheet kerta ha koi phechnata nai iss ko keya sab tho ya show dhektay hou gay ka nai? any one samja thay pls

  25. These dumbfucks have no idea how to perform comedy in a healthy way where people are not insulted. In the West if you pulled a stunt like this your ass will end up in the fucking can.

  26. I hate this show…..Comedy ati nhi hy or Insult ker k show bana rahy hain.

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