Friday , 19 January 2018
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Lucky Ali – Tere Mere Saath

Music video by Lucky Ali performing Tere Mere Saath Jo Hota Hai. (C) SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT (India) Pvt. Ltd.

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  1. fuck honey singh fuck badsha and other crap singers and lots of respect n love for lucky ali

  2. lost in the memories .. kuv ad brought it back

  3. He is a real artist. He penned the lyrics, add his melodious voice and compliment it with his music and shoots it in some wonderful location with some beautiful story.

  4. This song recall college's days, In morning breakfast,we usually enjoying this awesome song…(2000-2001) missing those days… that would never come back…

  5. i hate dance but i can on this song with every single words on this song …cant believe 10-15yrs back first time i heard this song on t.v and how many more years to come it wont going to feel old …words is just too advance way ahead of 90s way ahead of 2017 ..way ahead of Bollywoods music and their understanding of music ..bollywood is too small for this man's for his talent, am telling you guys after many yrs even your kids would be surprised when they will know they'll be like 'what this song was made around early 20k' ..

  6. reliving memories in 2k17….true rockstar…legend

  7. love u.. lucky Ali….. my childhood

  8. My body start moving…whenever I listen this beautiful song sung by a legend – Lucky Ali….my favourite…

  9. he traveled to Cuba for his music video in those days!!!

  10. his songs are like a drug for me ..i hear it and i stop it for few days to listen it and again i want to hear his songs..and this process goes on

  11. I started listening hind songs after i heard Lucky Ali #LEGEND.

  12. This song beats today's music ..nostalgic.. Every 90ties guys feel that..miss really those time..

  13. Dunno who directed his videos, waaaay better than the trash we see now

  14. to me……..Lucky Ali = Childhood songs = Nostalgia

  15. Love this song EVERGREEN AS LUCKY ALI himself

  16. This song literally teleports one to streets of Cuba. A gem of a song from Lucky ali

  17. The superb song comes from Lucky Ali's Album Aks in 2000. It's a true song and beautifully sung my Lucky Ali!

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