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You can finally respond with GIFs in Facebook comments

Since its inception, GIFs have certainly changed the way people respond on social media. They are a more interactive way of saying what you really feel so it comes as no surprise the format has gained popularity.

The visual significance of a comment supported by the short and precise format of a GIF makes it an important feature on social media sites such as Facebook.

The popularity can be gauged by the fact that nearly 13 billion GIFs were sent on Messenger last year, that is roughly 25,000 GIFs every minute.

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With all this popularity, Facebook did have one limitation as it didn’t have a built-in GIFs feature for comments.

In celebration of 30 years of GIF, Facebook has finally addressed that issue and announced that it’s rolling out support for GIFs in Facebook comments.

“We know people love communicating with GIFs on Messenger, and we’re also making it easier to use GIFs on Facebook. Today we’re introducing the ability to add GIFs in comments for all people on Facebook globally,” Facebook wrote in a post.


“Just tap the GIF button when you go to make a comment, type in what you’re looking to say, and add the GIF that really nails it!”

There are certain limitations though. The feature allows you to search for GIFs using the feature’s built-in search but with no option for any custom GIFs.

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Adding a specific GIF you have in mind may be a bit more difficult. You can’t upload your own GIFs or post GIFs via a URL like you can with a normal Facebook post.


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