Friday , 23 February 2018
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Top 10 NFL Rookies of the 2017 Season | NFL Highlights


NFL Network’s Brian Baldinger ranks and breaks down the Top 10 Rookies from the 2017 Season.

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  1. Where is Juju & Carl Lawson?!?!

  2. Everyone whining about JuJu but where is Reuben Foster?

  3. Carl Lawson from Cincinnati?

  4. Before i watch this video is desauhn and juju and tj

  5. Get this man a real microphone. These videos are trash. Sounds like he's talking into his laptop.

  6. Every comment here is from a Steelers fan crying about JuJu not making the top 10… look, he had a good season, but this was a stacked draft class, and when you have guys like Brown and Bell on your team that demand a ton of attention from the defense, that makes life a whole lot easier for him to rack up a ton of yards/pts. While I would still put JuJu in the top 15, I think leaving him out of the top 10 is justifiable. Also, whoever doesn't know who Lattimore is should just go home, there's no way the top two slots were going to anyone other than him and Kamara.

  7. I agree with where’s juju but it seems everyone forget about the other chief tyreek Hill

  8. where is juju i like the steelers this should be on comon man

  9. Cooper Cupp is above Leonard Fournette. What?!

  10. watson should be 1 dont care he was the best qb in the league before he got hurt

  11. Lol what even is this list…JUJU SMITH SCHUSTER NOT EVEN ON IT? He should be #1

  12. Juju should be in here instead of those damn offensive linemen what the hell

  13. Are you stupid marshon lattimore

  14. Where is Takk McKinley leads Falcons in sacks

  15. 1 Christian mccafery
    2marshawn lattimore
    3 Alvin kamara
    4 juju
    5 Kareem hunt
    6 tj watt
    7 deshaun Watson
    8 cam Robinson
    9 Leonard fournette
    10 Evan engram

  16. Juju smith and Christian mccaffery

  17. What are you on? No juju!?

  18. Two bum lineman over JUJU?

  19. Your clearly incompetent no juju Smith Schuster

  20. Almost a perfect list, I thought it was absolutely perfect until I saw #1, everything was literally perfect, #1 certainly should’ve been juju smith schuster. Other than that, terrific list

  21. Bruh cooper Kupp??? Over juju cmon dawg

  22. WTF? Where Christian McCaffrey, juju, evan engram


  24. Where's JuJu or Reuben Foster? Foster was ranked as a top 6 linebacker in the whole NFL??

  25. Where is JUJU! He gets no respect

  26. Wtf is juju? This is inaccurate asf

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