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Pakistan vs India 2004 Samsung Cup 5th ODI Match Highlights

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pakistan vs india cricket


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  1. If Balaji were to keep all the stumps he had uprooted that series, he'd have had a freakkin fence

  2. earlier pakistan was winning due to their umpires :)

  3. 13;22 wtf? mid on going back!

  4. man of the series award 5000 rupees?

  5. dang I miss india Pak series. we should have it in a neutral country like England where they will not only sell out but will be a spectacular hit world wide

  6. Thanks a lot for uploading!! I started to watch cricket from this series only in my childhood!! my grandpa used to say that sachin caught a tiger(inzamam) to win the match!!

  7. remember this great series

  8. that's the power of Dada nd his team

  9. here 4 sachin's catch 2016

  10. sala chotteya Pakistanis team

  11. Still reminds me gud old school days.. India vs pakistan better than ashes series without any doubt.

  12. paki ground fielding always been below avg right from imran to afridi days

  13. Sachin saurav Rahul vvs golden era of Indian cricket sadly Pakistan don't have competitive side like those days inzamam shoib sami all wre good

  14. Pakistan ny hr jaga tmari maan ko lun diya hai aur agay b dy ga tm log hmary aik kaboutar sy dar gy ho hahaha dunya ki buzdil log ho hm sy to dunya ka koi mulk takar ni ly skta tm sy to aik terrorist ni pakra jata gando ho tm log

  15. Abe sab pakistani randi ke bacche hai saale haarne ke baad bhi akad nahi gayi

  16. i know match hai likin ap k indian bndy ny pakistanyo ko gali Q di

  17. Pakistani are biggest chutiyaas in world,,

  18. shoaib akhtar ki maa chod ke rakh di hamare balaji ne haha

  19. chutiye porkis butcherd by indian batsmen hahaha..fucking pathetic porkis..fuck off piss-porkistan

  20. Tm india waly kuch b kaho tm logon ma itni taqat aur himat ni hai k tm log hm sy takr ly sako tm log movies ma hm sy jeet skty ho real ma ni.. i love my pakistan..

  21. toh isi tarah humne pakistani o ki maa chod di

  22. What is happening in those stadiums now(As there are no international matches played in Pakistan)?

    Let me guess ……….

    The only thing I get in mind is "Terrorist Camps".They might be training terrorists there!!!!

  23. fuck that dirty pakistan…

  24. brijendra shut up,if u don't knw Wat ur talking about don't speak or write dumb stupid comments.. u obviously don't knw ya cricket…

  25. spectacular vvs knock,if he had played lik this regularly he willl be a star odi batsmen lik dravid

  26. zaheer khan and shoiab akhtar are fucked badly by batsmen in this series

  27. Such tournaments have to be played on a greater scale hosted by either nation. An india vs pakistan match always attracts attention be it from fans of either country or cricket enthusiasts. I vividly remember watching that game in kuwait where people of both nations reside in equal number lending an extra punch to the already electric atmosphere that prevails when both these nations play. When pakistan won the second odi , resident pakistanis went beserk and the police had to be called the same goes for indians when india were victorious. the night of 24th march i remember runninginto the streets indian flag in hand just in time for the local police to arrive and detain me along with a group of others temporarily

  28. Porkistan ake baar phir chud gaya…lol..

  29. just imagine vvs never played a world cup

  30. ye bloody pakistan wale india kya jitenge.


  32. What a match that was between Pakistan and India

  33. Yu fakine Pussey hos… fakine Indians can't do shittt 

  34. the sound of conchshell gives the opening a completely different level 

  35. Pakistan team is the best of world. 

  36. ایک زمانہ تها .جب پاکستان اور بهارت کا میچ هوتا تو پهلے سے معلوم ہوتا تھا. کہ بهارت هار چکا هے

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