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Jones, Yousuf to stand as ‘expert witnesses’ for Sharjeel

Suspended left-handed batsman Sharjeel Khan’s lawyer Shaigan Ijaz on Thursday said that Islamabad United coach Dean Jones and former Pakistan Test cricketers Mohammad Yousuf and Sadiq Mohammad will be presented as expert witnesses on May 24 in front of the tribunal investigating the Pakistan Super League (PSL) spot-fixing scandal.

Shaigan, then commenting on the hearing, said “PCB made up a story and is trying to back it up with witnesses. Board is being lenient with some players, while it is acting strictly against others.

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Meanwhile, PCB’s legal advisor Taffazul Rizvi replied: “Sharjeel’s lawyer has the right to disagree with the witnesses. Everyone will know the truth once the decision comes out.”

Sir Ronnie Flanagan, ICC’s anti-corruption chief, was presented as a witness by the PCB in Thursday’s proceedings and he clarified that the world body has nothing to do with the case.

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“This is PCB’s case to deal with,” said Flanagan. “The case is being heard professionally and it shows that PCB wants to eliminate corruption from the game of cricket.”

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