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Inzamam-ul-Haq 100 vs INDIA 2004 Karachi

one of Inzamam-ul-Haq`s finest 100. That one aginst INDIA in 2004 at Karachi. pakistan lost this match but inzi get man of the match award for his brave innings. Best pakistani batsman ever.

pakistan vs india cricket

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  1. i thot v can win easily in dis one but yusuf and inzamam has other plans for us the best odi game .. we won in last

  2. shame on u very sick shame for our country utsav

  3. inzamam was legend … lots of love nd support for him country doesnt matters if u r good cricket fan

  4. i miss inzy. One of the most naturally talented and gifted players of all time. To me, Sachin will always be a greater player but even Sachin could not match Inzamam's effortlessness at the crease. It was all too easy for him.
    The best Pakistani batsman by far.
    From an Indian fan.

  5. always play only for team winning.and done.
    not like tendolker

  6. Great player showing his class when it matterd

  7. ja beta ja… Its Ramadan so i will not use any abusive language as you did. But I challenge you if you are a son of a single father then break a single record of Inzi. I am sure you can't neither can your Father nor his father. you can't even got selected in indian team where as Inzi was the lion of Pakistani team , He used to beat indiand over a long period of time. so see where you are . Pity on you "professional player" hahahahaha

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  9. thanks to god we win tha match

  10. Inzimam HARYANVI JATT power

  11. hahahah you are son of a bitch… Professional player of what?? wanking ass hole…. Inzi was your father… he used to fuck indians over a long period of time. you are professional player of ass. You would have become a international player if your mother would have get fucked by inzi a single time you will definitely become a professional international player… anyhow best of luck for future.

  12. porkistan ka svi pakistaniyon ki maa aur behen chod dunga

  13. @ motherfucker,i am a full tym professional player.I can understand things much betr nd deeper as far as cricket it concern.Bloody motherfucker dnt teach me

  14. @ NotoriousR30,bloody Mother fucker i know more english then u do.And for ur kind information i am already a full time proffessional playersm,so as far as cricket is concerned.I knw much more den u @sshole

  15. how pakistan lose????????

  16. @2996109
    yar kse k religion ko gali na do.agar wo aisa krain to phr……

  17. greatest batsman pak has ever produced.
    and gretest match winner world had produce

  18. I remember watching this match.

    After watching it, I have gained so much respect for Inzy! He's great…:)

  19. @utsav52 u make no sense man 😛
    go learn some english first. 😛

  20. @rupal1234 hahaha ur funny kid …. india can beat pak anytime what a joke,.,.. u cant beat any team in the world … look at ur india … they can only win when they are playing on their home grounds. Thats it :p
    What a Losers.

  21. @utsav52
    hahah what a looser you are.. you can only come here and comment on Inzi videos… looser….

  22. I am Pakistani and for me this match is my all time favorite between Pakistan and India. We lost the match BUT it was played in true spirit of the cricket by both teams.
    Hats off to Pakistani & Indian players who gave such a tremendous game of cricket to the fans all around the world.
    Long live Pakistan and India

  23. gandu hindu hameshn haam nay laat mari tumhari gand par nahi yaqeen tu record utha lay tum tu itne buzdil hindu ho khelty hoye darty hoo gandu hind

  24. wat shit u all r speaking see hiz lazy footwork,,,,,,,even a boy 4m under 16 cn showcase faster feet movements.Heavy man…….he cud nt switch off 4m fnt foot 2 bck foot nd vice versa quikly……


  26. he made great bowllers look like school boys bowlling ,pure genius

  27. bloody pakistanis always kicking us indians asses

  28. @union city
    i wish hasim amala good luck for breaking records of sachin…you said he will do it easy….but you are talking abbout a guy who has only 2-3 years in international cricket…who knows if he can sustain another few years….let alone 20 years

  29. i must say inzi was rock…..hard to go pass him…but everyone who is saying sachin is bad they actually love sachin too…..its that every one want to give different opinion here even though that is not what they always think from heart…but still think we should not abuse each other …

  30. @rupal1234 spot on !!!!!!!!

  31. unbelievable strokeplay,so much class.just look at the way he just played the flick shots

  32. @kartoos20
    You fell in to my trap. Amla has barely played a combined 100 innings in test and one day? It's foolish to compare him to a legend like Tendulkar. So if comparing Tendulkar Inzamam is foolish (which totally is not) so is it to compare Amla to Sachin. You are just a biased dumbass. Pakistan should have won the semi final but the LBW decision against Tendulkar was flawed. P.S. Stop throwing fancy words around with vulgar language, it just makes u look even dumber.

  33. @kartoos20
    Stab me in the asshole?? wow. Be a lil more creative Are going to take some kartoos and blow my asshole up with it as well??? Be a little more creative bro. Tendulkar's records in South Africa and Australia are far less compared to what he has done at home. All i'm saying is that Tedulkar's career numbers would be a whole lot different if he had not played 300+ matches on flat wickets. (kenya, india, bangladesh, zimbabwe, pakistan , bangladesh, west indies).

  34. @kartoos20
    At the rate Hashim Amla is going, he will destroy Tendulkar's numbers in both games. And that is on South African pitches, the best bowling pitches in the world, compared to Indian pitches, which is like playing to concrete: flat and no movement. Does that wet your panties from anger???

  35. @kartoos20
    Yea but Inzi's main downfall was his fitness. He didn't have the stamina to carry on to score big runs consistently. Inzamam has the best match winning record in history. Don't be disrespectful please.

  36. @newqari08 Dont kid yourself, its pretty obvious you support pakistan by just looking at ure channel

  37. diffrence between Inzamam-ul-Haq and tandulker is the Inzamam-ul-Haq playes to score fotr the team so pakistan wins and tandulker plays for him self

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    Teri maa puray Pakistan ki favourite randi hai.. infact puri duniya ki..
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  39. Abey chutya rameez.. kya re yeh mast batsman hai kya.. kya kiya re hai jab sehwag ne 300 mara pakistan mein gand mein ungli rak kein baitha tha kya aur jab sachin ne world cup mein mara toh louda lateef..

  40. @nameskhan1 i am not agreed with you bcoz ISLAM is the religion of love and peace ook broz

  41. aaah. i watched this in the stadium.. good times man, good times..

  42. i am an Indian… and i thnk dat he was d best captain of Pakistan… just luv d way he plays… he surely is a legend……


  44. the second match winner in the world after steve waugh…..

  45. @28belal What a legend!! Kyaa talent hai yaar!! mashallah

  46. @badakjaan He made it look very easy, and it isn't

  47. @Kumaran2471989
    pottystan mudabad

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