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Fight btw Gambhir & Shahid Afridi PAKISTAN VS INDIA 3RD ODI

Fight btw Gambhir & Shahid Afridi PAKISTAN VS INDIA 3RD ODI

pakistan vs india cricket


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  3. yarr aik baat pe kesa rawana keya ise kehta hy real pathan

  4. Indians shuru se phatto he raho ge, Afridi ko gali di.. jab afridi ne jawab dia tmhare Cricker Gambhir ki phat gyi…. yeh to auqaat hai Indians ki… Tum Himmat me Pakistani's se kabhi naheen jeet sakte .. sapna hai tmlOg ka … So fools Indians… :P


  6. @ghulam ali teri ma ki chut me bomb dalunga laude muslim madarchod bhosadike bc gand me daal afridi ka lauda bc chutiye chutiya allahu snakbar bc terrorists sale chodu log

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  8. Larai un dono ki hoi ha.. or gand mein jalan tere ho rahi hai?

  9. @[email protected] abi rande k olad too muslims ko bech mein kyun la raha hai..
    Tum logon mein aitne brdasht nae k pakistanes ka samna kr sako..
    Ab dikhna buht jald india mein hoga dhamaka..
    Teri govt ghutni tik dige..

  10. @Ali181King -bahi tabhi usni afridi ki maa chod di vo apni gaand liye ghum raha hai mauka hai tum bhi ja ke maar lo patila ban chuki hai….. 

  11. Abey tum log yahan video dekhney aao ki yahan ma chudaney aaye ho…randi ke bachonn..chal nikal chal nikal..!!

  12. @bajajsami so is india fukin currry bahsers turban faces 

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  14. gambhir teri maaa ko loda… behn ki lody

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  16. i hope in the near future v do c indo pak matches no mater who wins or losses the spirit of good sports should prevail.

  17. u indians won the world cup by cheating with no unrespect to sachin tandulker, who is an amazing batsman, but he got out like 5 times during the pakistan vs india semi finals. Pakistan was stolen out of the victory

  18. @jawwuable This is what a frustrated pakistani can say. Only Swear, nothing else….. This is what happens all the time. You people loose and then swear !!!! You said "No good for nothing indians"!!!! What about pakistanis…… Very good in terrorism and match fixing………Ha Ha Ha……

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  23. ye shaale pakistani ek no. ke besharm hai shaale gaand bhi maraate hai or lode se gaand bhi fatati hai matherchodo ki

  24. Loooool it proper matches aswell

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  28. @MsSmileykhan I think you didn't watch the semifinal. Indian players kicked Afridi's ass and throw pakistan out of the world cup…………….Afridi best player ever ?????? He can't even bat. He thinks he is playing baseball not cricket. ?? You are frustrated pakistani who can't accept defeat gracefully……….Typical pakistani……….

  29. No words for Afridi just a big round of applause and so much respect for him, the way he accepted the defeat gracefully, he is the real winner! He floored us with his speech and he apologized for what? He took the team this far on his own from utter pits. Afridi – you showed Grace and Dignity and won our hearts What a leader of men!……..

  30. afridi would have been the living fuck out of him, he's pathan for fuck sake!!!

  31. @desiputtar nic1 DESIPUTTAT HAIL INDIANS…… kamine KATVO aka PAKistanis … Mera LODA tumhare MUH se handSOME hai 😀 😀 sale RANDI ke bACCHo 

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    lmfao with their beards hanging down to their elbows? hahahaha sure.

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  34. Who ever made this video its hilarious!! Seriously! not bcoz of fight bt Pak and Indi Players but just coz… lolzz 

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