Tuesday , 20 February 2018
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Derrick Johnson Buries Marcus Mariota w/ Drive-Ending Sack! | Can’t-Miss Play | NFL Wild Card HLs

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson takes down Marcus Mariota during Wild Card Weekend of the 2017 NFL Postseason.

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  1. Worst call I have ever seen

  2. Chiefs got screwed put of some calls during this game….flip side there were dropped passes by Orlson Charles and Tyreek Hill on some big plays…..cant blame anything on Smith

  3. Forward Progress? These refs have been horrible the entire year.

  4. It appears as if he scared the camera man

  5. 0:34 Mariota fumbled the ball. Refs made a bad call.

  6. i would've died after that hit.

  7. It was forward progress.  For the 1/1000 of second between the time Johnson blew him up like an H-Bomb on Bikini Atol, and the time the ball squirted out, Mariotta's forward progress stopped.

  8. poor officiating,. nothing new.

  9. fumbles arent even fumbles when the chiefs play in the playoffs… RIGGED!, NFL is still angry it had to merge with the AFL,and wont call the chiefs game correctly during the post season! happens every year,look it up!

  10. i think we ALL can agree that the chiefs aren't going anywhere in the playoffs with alex Smith and andy Reid in the equation. Stop using the refs as the scapegoat

  11. Fucc the nfl that was a straight fumble cheating mfs.

  12. Can't wait to hear about Mariota having to sit out the divisional round now cause he's prob injured

  13. QUESTION: How can the refs legally rule the play dead bc of “forward progress” when the fumble occurred BEFORE the whistle?!!!

  14. Refs were really bad this game

  15. I did not watch the game so I do not have the surrounding context. Also, I am a Broncos fan, a rival to the Chiefs. But that was clearly a fumble, and clearly cannot be called forward progress on a hit like that. Chiefs got hosed, and some ref needs to be demoted.

  16. Absolute worst call this year. By a wide margin. WTF? Forward progress?!?

  17. That's cute and then Mariota threw a pass to … himself and TD. Who's buried now?

  18. I didnt know he was still playing. One of the best linebackers ever. Saw him play at Texas. Time flies.

  19. But I'm still a packer fan for life

  20. No way they came back woaahhh

  21. Bald announcer needs to go. This guy will put ya to sleep.

  22. I don’t have a horse in this race, but the refs f’d over the Chiefs. This was clearly a fumble. I’ve never seen forward progress called on a clean fast hit like this. If this isn’t a fumble, then no fumble is a fumble.

  23. Calling that down was the worst call of all time. Clearly a fumble

  24. Forward progress my @$$! If this isn't a fumble, what IS?

  25. Put our td by Mariota on here

  26. Gawd almigthy he's broken in half

  27. Just a reminder for Verizon customers

    Use the Go90 App to watch tonights NBC game. If you have a cable provider, use the NBC Sports app.

  28. I've never heard of forward progress ending a play on a QB sack.
    TN was lucky it was not a strip sack.

  29. Them weak ass plays fire all that coaching staff lazy mf

  30. that hit..lawdd have on'em #56

  31. colts came back 28 pts in the 1 and a half qtrs against this team. its not over yet.

  32. Aaron Rodgers play for the Cheifs

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