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Butthurt Indian crowd burn down stadium because India are losing 1996

Your team is losing so what do you do – well you burn down the stadium of course, naturally.

World Cup 1996 semi final INDIA vs SRI LANKA KOLKATA CALCUTTA whatever.

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  1. ye hai chutiye indians ki auqat,behnchod gand mein aag lag jati hai magar baatein bari bari chodtey hain saley lorey.

  2. World,s worst nation crowd forever and world,s finest crowd is England

  3. Just imagine the smell in that place.

  4. Its 2017 now but indian donkeys are same , with same attitude

  5. watching this video after watching sachin movie

  6. Kolkata – City of Joy, my ass.

  7. Well they can brutally murder you for even accidentally hitting a cow. What can you expect from these uncultured ignorant curry munchers.

  8. small hearted Indians lol

  9. i remember the curator saying i told the captain not to say bat 2nd as the pitch would suit spin bowlers at night…guess some people do listen but dont act on some sensible advice being given..

  10. U fools have forgotten about France in a football match

  11. they can never reach the level of RESPECT the whole World gives to Pakistani Cricketing Sense & Pakistani SportsManShip…..!

  12. soccer hooligans are no better……… how does any fan think this type of behaviour is OK.

  13. What was Azhar saying here did not get. India was 98/2 when Sachin got out around 20 overs. And Azhar saying India lost the match because they didn't get 100 in 20 overs! Was he somehow trying to blame Sachin?! How can that even be a decisive factor with a strong batting line up? He himself got out like making catching practice. And look at the smile on his face at the presentation ceremony! I think both Azhar and Jadeja was involved in fixing this match, both scored duck.

  14. Thank god India won the 11 WC in their own backyard. If they have lost to Pak or SL there would of been riots in India just like the time when they exited in 07 WC. Im beginning to think ICC probably fix this WC just so India would win. Lets not hold another WC in that shithole ever again.

  15. I am also Indian but these uncivilized behaviour of the crowd of India is unacceptable. Things are changing now and hope that one day people will understand that losing a game is not the end of life.

  16. And those butthurt "andh bhakts" are showing their class even here on the comments section…… Waiting for them to show their in this thread. I bet the barking dogs are about to arrive just the way pet dogs sneak for bones!

  17. still remember this day ! 🙂 what an year for Sri Lanka Cricket

  18. After this ..2 Midiocre cricketers Manjerekar ..Kambli left Indian cricket and 2 genius Ganguly and Dravid joined Indian team

  19. Am i the only indian here who was happy that sri lanka won this match

  20. Lol Ravi Shastri was a better commentator back then but really you can't fault the crowd to be hurt by the pathetic performance of the Indian team. Poor Sachin must have felt really hurt. Scored a fine 65 but the rest of the top and middle order folding up in single digits.

  21. Sri Lanka are the most undeserving wc winners. They got walkover in 2 games in the league stage by which they qualified for qf. But they deserved to win this game. That I admit.

  22. So after all these Riot in India and police wearing helmets and fences surrounding the ground and whatnot, Indians are still perfect and every other country's people are trash = Indian logic

  23. half of the team were fixers!!

  24. So He drove the man out; and at the east of the garden of Eden He stationed the cherubim and the flaming sword which turned every direction to guard the way to the tree of life.

    P.S. : The Prophecy was very clear.

  25. ha ha ha ha ha as we all know that indians are animals and cannibals ………….they are not civilized enough to be called humans

  26. We had not thought that such a good stadium will react like this

  27. 18:10 "we should have got 100 in the first 20 over, which we did not"???
    R u f**ing kidding me? so 6 wickets falling for 20 runs in 12 overs is no big deal.. but the first 20 overs lost you the game? And you wonder why this match fixer was banished from Indian cricket scene.. What a shameless moron Azhar

  28. Because Lanka is a Land of Raawan the enemy of Indias God Ram. It hurts

  29. Indians why are you behave like very bad

  30. India is a butthurt cricket nation for Sri lanka (for burning down this stadium)
    Pakistan is a TERRORIST cricket nation for attacking the Sri lankan cricketers in the bus and injured 6 cricketers.

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