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1999 India HUGE CHOKE v Pakistan Test series highlights

pakistan vs india cricket

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  1. its like indians icb always buys pakistan pcb along with there players its worldwide politics do not wake up muslims but shame on our players they there selfs a muslims thoo to our politicians and our corrupt system i will split on them untill they becomes honest with there nation who love and die for there country

  2. So what if Ganguly was given out wrong? Dravid was plumb lbw on the ball befoe he got dismissed and Sachin was let off by the umpire lbw v Saqlain early in his innings.

  3. Tendulkar fell again and again in that Series to Saqlain who tied the Indian in knots.

  4. Those were the pak team we used to fear and grew up watching.Fascinating and charismatic pacers,never say die attitude that pak team used to toe with India.Nothing to be ashamed of because India lost to a vastly superior pak team.Compare that pak team with their present team

  5. I thought Rashid Latif was the only one who once claimed a false catch.. Turns out Moin Khan was no better at all. claiming a bump ball..

  6. chutiya umpire ek replay dekhne mein yeh tatti nikal jaati Teri? ganguly ko bekar mei out diya

  7. One of the best series from the 90s..fantastic games both of them!! as they say, cricket is a great leveller..pakistan won the first but india's victory in the second test thanks to kumble's perfect 10 shall always be memorable!!

  8. i saw Kumble's ten wicktes in an inning with my good friend who is no more,, whenever it comes in front of me on youtube or anywhere, i miss my friend ,! RIP Gurjeet Singh Aasha

  9. 3:25 never saw srinath like this to be honest !!

  10. The quality of cricket has gone down!

  11. wow what a game of cricket

  12. india qa gand mar diya ray saqi and wasim ne.


  14. ganguly decesion changed the game. he was in form. how dumb the umpire is. clean tappa ground pe

  15. i remember that game…on bbc boycott said that umpire would give any appeal out that day by kumble even if he would ask for water, umpire will raise his finger as out….

  16. Quality cricket which we don't have these days :(

  17. black cunt steve buckner at it again

  18. still 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 3:25. Care to repeat that Javagal?

  20. Cricket's golden era.. Missing such quality these days.. :(

  21. The Best 90's era moments ….

  22. Sadagoppan Ramesh "The hero of the second test" been forgotten

  23. robelinda: dissappointed that you dont have the 99 Kolkata test between India and Pakistan- the most controversial of all, where the crowd had to be evacuated after mayhem owing to a disputed run out involving Shoaib Akhtar and Sachin

  24. The game of cricket was on the TOP in this match !!! Batting bowling mis chances nerves impatience always on hunt all what can one ask in a match !!!

  25. Indian crowd is as cheap as their country all the people from front rows were removed to save Pakistani players after their victory in first test.

  26. it was Pakistan day luckly,otherwise sachin got pain whole day and batting,made possible to win the test and he was tired and he wanted to finish the match early,but wasim,waquar,saqlain came know who is sachin and why he is sachin and look at the shots he played amazing,

  27. what a batting by legend sachin he showed why he is sachin, it was ball vs batting by sachin but Pakistan lucky at that day he got pain in his back and got out just before 11 run but our great joshi,kumble and srinath unable to make 11 run but sachin showed his class

  28. i remember kumbly's 10 wicket but maaaaaaaaaaan afridi didn't edge dat

  29. pressure got better of joshi. if he attacked saqi then, ind definetly sealed that series as well

  30. legend SRT trapped by another legend SAQLAIN!!!

  31. Just 17 runs to get and nos 8 to 11 couldn't pull even that off! Heartbreaking as an Indian fan, but Pakistan deserved the win just for their undying spirit. I remember the crowd gave them a standing ovation and (if the memory serves me correctly) Pakistan did a lap of honour. What a game!

  32. As an Indian supporter, this brings back the second most painful memories over the two decades that I've followed the game (81 all out at Barbados in 1997 takes the biscuit). In hindsight, I think Pakistan were a much better side than us back then. India had a slight edge in the batting, but Pakistan's attack was light years ahead of ours.

  33. crowd must have been royally pissed

  34. Once a choker always a choker = SRT

  35. the indian umpire gave 4 wrong decisions.

  36. What a series it was!! I became a cricket fanatic after this series.

  37. With a bit of luck India could have and should have won all the 3 Tests(Including the Asian test championship one)

  38. Sachin century hahaha not against Pakistan :)

  39. the 3rd test on this tour was a part of the Asian test championship and to me that sealed the tour when Shoaib owned Sachin and Dravid in two balls in front of a 100k people in Calcuttta.

  40. Seriously.. Moin Khan actually appealed for that Ganguly second innings dismissal at Chennai?? Come on!!!

  41. both the sides had superb players!!!
    that kind of quality is missing these days

  42. I watched this match in chepauk on 2nd day, nothing much happened except some wristy shots from Azhar and couple of sixes from dravid and ganguly.  I was very disappointed once sachin got out to Saqlin, caught by salim malik of a mistimed shot. I came all the way 110 km from a village just to see sachin get a century. But my dream fulfilled when I witnessed century from sachin in 2001 against australia in the same ground on 3rd day. 

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