Thursday , 29 June 2017

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Trump’s Economic Agenda: Asian markets turn negative

HONG KONG: Asian markets turned negative Wednesday as Republicans’ struggle to push through controversial health care legislation fueled concerns about the chances of Donald Trump passing his much-vaunted economic agenda. Global markets soared in the months after the tycoon’s November election victory as traders bet his plans to slash taxes and …

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Illegal organ trade

Among Pakistan’s many black markets, one that has been flourishing is its illegal organ trade, primarily in Punjab. Although authorities are aware of the market, little in the way of a crackdown has been mounted. Now, however, with power transferred to the federal authorities in place of provincial authorities, change …

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One-Wheeling: Islamabad police haul in over 3,000 bikers    

ISLAMABAD: Police in the capital hauled in around 3,320 bikers for one-wheeling during the three-day Eid holidays. According to a statement issued by the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP), officials also stopped many bikers for hooting at women who were out enjoying the holiday with their families. ITP impounded around 400 bikes …

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