Friday , 19 January 2018

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JIT on single family unprecedented in world

LAHORE: If the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), probing into the offshore business interests of sitting Pakistani Premier Nawaz Sharif and his family members on orders of country’s apex court, submits its final inquiry report within the stipulated 60 days (ends today, Monday), it will perhaps be one of the very …

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JIT saga in chronological order: What happened why, when and how?

ISLAMABAD: The Panama Joint Investigation Team (JIT) which presents its conclusive report before the three-member special bench of the Supreme Court on Monday suffered a tumultuous 60-day life as is evident from the chronology of developments and events, some of them very embarrassing and discomforting, it experienced. The JIT’s ‘final’ …

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G20 clashes erupts again between cops, protesters

HAMBURG: Fresh clashes erupted early on Sunday in the streets of Hamburg following the end of the G20 summit, with protesters setting fire to a number of vehicles, police said. Protesters gathered after the close of the summit in the Schanzen district, a stronghold for extreme-left radicals which has been …

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