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Pakistanis troll Rishi Kapoor after ‘India will BLUE you’ tweet

Pakistan’s brilliant performance was enough to set the most unpredictable team of the tournament ease past England to cement a place in the final of the ICC Champions Trophy in Cardiff on Wednesday.

Pakistan vanquish mighty England to reach Champions Trophy final

Celebrities along the nation congratulated the national cricket team on their fantastic performance.

While every Pakistani lauded the terrific performance of the team, actors across the border too couldn’t help but comment about Team Pakistan’s marvellous win!

Bollywood veteran actor, Rishi Kapoor too took to Twitter to express his feelings, and talking about the final everyone is expecting! Pakistan vs India.

A child’s adorable rendition of Hasan Ali’s celebration

Team India is yet to qualify for the finals if they beat Bangladesh in the second leg of the semis, but the Bobby star went a bit over confident and tweeted, “Congratulations Pakistan! You enter finals? Wow! Good to see you wearing our colour BLUE! Get ready to be BLUED now! We will BLUE you away!”

His tweet obviously didn’t go down too well with the rejoiced Pakistanis and they had a thing or two to say about it.

The confusion is pretty evident.

This will never, ever get old. NEVER EVER.


These memes though…

Yep, yep.

Very poor choice of words, indeed.

Talk about making sense!

Yes, we do realise you are extremely excited for and India vs Pakistan final on Sunday, Rishi, but let’s just focus on defeating Bangladesh.

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