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Mastung blast: Afghanistan ‘acting at India’s behest’

QUETTA: Senate Deputy Chairman Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri has said that Afghanistan is trying to damage Pakistan, acting at the behest of India.

Haideri, the central general secretary of the Jamiat-e-Ulema Islam Fazl (JUI-F), expressed these views on Thursday while addressing a news conference at T&T Colony’s mosque after a condolence reference to commemorate the Mastung blast martyrs.

He said India never accepted Pakistan since the independence, adding that the conspiracies hatched by India were the cause of instability in Pakistan.

Maulana Haideri: Conspiracies against CPEC ‘will be foiled’

The JUI-F leader said the attempt on his life had failed to shake his resolve, adding that such acts “instead strengthen our ideology” which would be protected by the coming generations.

He warned that the fight for truth and falsehood would continue in the times to come, adding that he was aware of all the elements and factors involved in attack.

The senator said the colleagues he lost in the blast had been granted eternal life, acquiring the highest ranks of martyrdom.

Shutters down in Quetta over Mastung attack

He said that the JUI-F would continue to struggle for the promotion of Islam, adding that the investigation of Mastung incident was being done by state institutions but no reports of the incident had been received so far.

Haideri thanked all the tribal heads and political figures who inquired after his health after the Mastung incident.

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