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Man files appeal against death penalty, pleads ‘don’t kill my dog’

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MULTAN: In a bizarre turn of events in district Bhakkar, a dog has been given the death penalty for biting a child.

Jaleel Ahmad, owner of the dog, filed an appeal to the Additional Deputy Commissioner’s office on Tuesdayseeking mercy over the death penalty given to his dog. The additional deputy commissioner, on Wednesday, accepted the appeal.

Last week, five-year-old Ameer Hamza, a resident of Asgharabad, was playing on the streets with friends when he was attacked and bitten by Jaleel’s dog. In response to the attack, Ameer’s father, Anwar, filed an application to Assistant Commissioner Kalorkot, Raja Saleem.

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In his application, Anwar also requested for action to be taken against the dog who, he claimed, had bitten many other people too. Taking action over the application, AC Kalorkot Raja summoned Jaleel Ahmad and Anwar to hear both versions of the incident, after which he ordered the dog be put to death.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, Jaleel, who spent a week in prison as punishment for the act of his dog, said he had suffered in prison in place of his dog and, thus, there was no point in killing his dog, Don.

“I love Don very much,” Jaleel said. “I am even ready to spend another week in prison, but please don’t kill my dog.”

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He further stated that he had gotten Don registered as his pet dog and that he would go to court against the order of AC Kalorkot Raja.

When asked about the reasoning behind his order, AC Kalorkot Raja Saleem said he had given the order owing to human compassion because the dog had not just bitten the child but many others in the neighbourhood. He said the dog posed a threat to the lives of the people, adding that he had directed Tehsil Municipal Administration to check registration of the dog.

A case hearing against Jaleel Ahmad is also underway in civil court.


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