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9 Incredible Science Facts You Probably Didn’t Learn At School

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  1. The supernova will most likley not happen because there is a 1 in a million chance

  2. You don't know anything about science stop creating these videos and go get education retards, all of ur "opinions" are false, ur channel is very clickbait

  3. Thx for ruining my life. I’m GONNA BE A FRICKEN JUNIOR WHEN IT HAPPENS

  4. Look in 2050 there will be cool building and drones

  5. Like if you only came through the cover :v

  6. 10 Min. BS is a better name for your channel. Came here for crafts not science propaganda

  7. I've never learened these until now. these are interesting

  8. Mt Everest is 8848m tall not 8850

  9. 00000000000000001% THE FLOORIS LAVA

  10. Bhai plz reupload semiconductor by nm sir plz bhai help me maine apse ek din ka time managa tha

  11. Hoi 2011 is I'm still a baby

  12. 5 minute crafts just copy's have of its own stuff and is clickbait

  13. I’m scared if what happens in 2022 kills us like if you are scared too

  14. 7:43 stolen from channel- Bright side!! Copy right!! Your channel is banned

  15. We are not dumb or smart we are niether

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